Social shopping

Modern shoppers are informed, switched on and demand what they want when they want it. They forge deep connections with the brands they love and even deeper, intricate bonds with the people in their life. They live and breathe technology, know the hottest brands and expect seamless online transactions. The modern shopper demands security, simplicity, quality and convenience from the brands they choose to engage with.

That’s exactly what Modere delivers.

Social marketing

Imagine being rewarded for the way you already share your world. Your ability to connect and influence opinions is an in demand and marketable skill. This is the era of the entrepreneur and Modere puts all the right cards in your hand. Social marketing is the new direct sales model that drives Modere.

We empower you to do what you do naturally and reward you for sharing. Great products you’ll want to tell others about from a brand that shares your worldview – call it love, call it an opportunity. Best of all, call it a way to reach your goals and generate meaningful income from your ability to share and influence – online, face to face and everywhere in between.

Social retail

When you bring social marketing and social shopping together, the ideas become greater than the sum of their parts. The sharing aspect of the two combine to elevate a totally new concept – social retail – to a whole new level. Social retail drives the Modere model, enabling us to reward you for what you’re already doing – having natural conversations about products, brands and experiences. You already share something you like, the big difference is that with Modere you can be rewarded for doing it. We joined the dots and you get the rewards of seeing the bigger picture.

Help others discover Modere

When a great idea meets the right time, the world changes. We’re so sure you’ll be such a fan of Modere’s products and way of doing things, you’ll want to tell others. We believe that if you share, you should get your share. Social Marketers and customers have the opportunity to reap the rewards by using a unique referral code when they share their favourite Modere product or experience with others. Simply, if someone tries a Modere product on your recommendation, Social Marketers are rewarded via the lucrative bonus system; while customers receive $10 in shopping credits. There is a host of other offers, bonuses, perks and ways to make a substantial income through Modere. It’s your choice on how you want to benefit from this win-win opportunity.

Most of you and your teams would be familiar with Modere’s thriving presence in Australia and New Zealand, but did you know that we’re just the tip of the iceberg?

Modere is in fact an international company and the backbone to over a million successful Social Marketers the world over.

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